Pink Luxury Car Air Freshener
  • Pink Luxury Car Air Freshener


    Our luxury car air fresheners are inspired by our favourite perfumes and aftershave (10 options available) - guaranteed to give you that feel good feeling! 


    The glass bottles with wooden toppers will give your wheels the touch of classy whilst ensuring your car is filled with a gorgeous aroma. 


    Safety & Care Instructions: 


    - Unscrew the bottle lid and carefully pop out the top stopper.

    - Carefully screw the lid back on the top of the bottle (securely fasten).

    - Then carefully turn the bottle upside down to dampen the cork.

    - Repeat as often as you like or needed.

    - Do not leave in an upside down as it will leak.

    - Do not leave in direct sunlight.

    - Hang upright via attached string.